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Friday, March 10, 2006

How Many Designs Have You Regretted?

With out this guy, Dilbert would have never been popular:

Robert Oppenheimer agonized over building the A-bomb. Alfred Nobel got queasy about creating dynamite. Robert Propst invented nothing so destructive. Yet before he died in 2000, he lamented his unwitting contribution to what he called 'monolithic insanity.'

Propst is the father of the cubicle. More than 30 years after he unleashed it on the world, we are still trying to get out of the box. The cubicle has been called many things in its long and terrible reign. But what it has lacked in beauty and amenity, it has made up for in crabgrass-like persistence.

Of course we all have some decisions that we've regretted... but how many can you say have made the lives of millions of people miserable? Now that's an accomplishment.


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