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Friday, February 03, 2006

Another Wish

I made a wish a while ago looking for tag compliments. Now I've got a few more, now that I'm using more and more.

First, I'd like them to improve their Tagroll feature so that I can limit the tags list only to show those that are included in a specific bundle. They already do something similar with Linkrolls, which allows me to only show links that have specific tags associated with them, now I want similar functionality with Tagrolls please.

Secondly, I'd like them to add more functionality to JSON (javascript object). Specifically, I'd like to query with a specific URL, and get back a list of the tags associated with that URL.

Finally, I'd like some mechanism so that I can mark a link as private, and only visible if I'm logged into Yes... sometimes I want to hide my porn. So sue me. ;) At least I'm brave enough to admit it.


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