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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Yet Another Anders Interview

Scott Wiltamuth points to a new fresh interview with Anders Hejlsberg at It's Part 1 of a two parter... but Part 2 is not up yet. I complained a while ago here about another Anders interview... and my complaints I think are still valid on this one.

Interviews with him are always really generic (not to be confused with templatized), and tend to always cover the same bland topics. Compare C# to Java... again. Is C++ going to completely go away... honestly... are you sure it won't? Can you compare C# to Java for us? Oh... did we already ask that? Do it again... please. I will give some credit here... they actually do start hitting some new features like LINQ. However, it seemed like the interviewer had to be dragged kicking and screaming there... then tries to go back to really dull generic stuff again, only to have Anders drag him back to new language features.

From that perspective the whole thing is rather amusing. I suppose I should cut these guys some slack. Trying to "talk code" is actually rather difficult... especially if its code that hasn't been written yet using features of a language that aren't even solidified.


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